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Communicate in Context

Dashcube is the only collaboration tool that gives planning and communicating equal status. This means you can structure your tasks and communicate about them in the same place, at the same time, without any extra effort.

Dashcube is different

"The love child of Trello and Slack or Basecamp and HipChat."
David Coleman, CMSWire

Dashcube is designed to let you do everything in one place.

Other solutions leave you juggling a cocktail of independent products to plan your work, manage your team and communicate. Most of those apps can’t talk to each other, and the few that try often fail. You and your team are left juggling disparate conversations, out of date project plans, virtual ghost-towns. Eventually, you fall back to using email for everything.

Dashcube lets you focus on your work, while everything is kept in sync and up to date, seamlessly. It works together, because it’s built together.

Do all the things!